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 إيران والأرجنتين تسعيان للانضمام إلى مجموعة بريكس infographic
Graphic shows details of BRICS group members and prospective members.


إيران والأرجنتين تسعيان للانضمام إلى مجموعة بريكس

June 28, 2022 - إيران والأرجنتين تقدمتا بطلب للحصول على عضوية في مجموعة بريكس للاقتصادات الناشئة التي تضم البرازيل وروسيا والهند والصين وجنوب أفريقيا.

Iran’s membership in the BRICS group “would result in added values for both sides”, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesperson said. Russia said Argentina had also applied to join, according to Reuters.

Argentine officials could not be reached for immediate comment but President Alberto Fernandez, currently in Europe, has in recent days reiterated his desire for Argentina to join BRICS.

China has by far the largest economy in the BRICS grouping, accounting for more than 70% of the group’s collective $27.5 trillion economic might. India accounts for about 13%, with Russia and Brazil each accounting for about 7%, according to IMF data.

BRICS account for more than 40% of the world's population and about 26% of the global economy, Reuters said.

PUBLISHED: 28/06/2022; STORY: Graphic News