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 بدء تسليم البضائع بطائرات درون في المدن الرئيسية بتكساس infographic
Graphic shows how the Wing drone delivery system will operate in Texas.


بدء تسليم البضائع بطائرات درون في المدن الرئيسية بتكساس

By Ninian Carter

February 9, 2022 - “وينغ”، الشركة الناشئة في مجال تسليم البضائع بواسطة طائرات من دون طيار والتابعة لمجموعة ألفابت، تتعاون مع سلسلة صيدليات والغرينز لتقديم خدمة توصيل بطائرات من دون طيار في منطقة حضرية كبرى بالولايات المتحدة لأول مرة.

After trialling its services in Australia, Finland and a small community in Virginia in the United States, Alphabet’s “Wing” drone delivery subsidiary has announced it is teaming up with the Walgreens pharmacy chain to offer deliveries in north Dallas, Texas.

Instead of deliveries heading out from one main base, as has been the trial model to date, a series of small hubs, known as “nests”, will be erected in car parks outside Walgreens stores, allowing store staff to load the drones themselves.

The electric drones have been in development for six years, and feature two fixed wing forward-facing propellers and 12 smaller hover props. The current design has a top speed of 105km/h and a range of almost 10km.

At its test site in Logan, Queensland, Australia, users can simply order Kentucky Fried Chicken using a smartphone app and have it delivered by Wing drone literally a few minutes later (Wing’s present speed record from order to delivery is an impressive 2 minutes and 47 seconds).

Walgreens is only the first U.S. partnership to utilise a nest delivery hub, with other businesses expected to come onboard soon to offer urban residents a range of goods including medicines, fast food and household essentials.

PUBLISHED: 09/02/2022; STORY: Graphic News