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 الدولة العبرية تستعد لإعطاء الجرعة الرابعة من لقاح كوفيد infographic
Graphic charts Israel’s Covid-19 cases against a timeline of vaccine roll-outs.


الدولة العبرية تستعد لإعطاء الجرعة الرابعة من لقاح كوفيد

By Ninian Carter

December 22, 2021 - ستقدم الدولة العبرية جرعة رابعة من لقاح فيروس كوفيد19- للعاملين في القطاع الصحي ولمن تزيد أعمارهم على 60 عاماً، في محاولة لمواجهة انتشار متحور أوميكرون.

Israel will begin offering a fourth Covid vaccine shot to health workers and people over 60 years old, claiming it is the first nation to roll-out such an initiative.

The announcement comes as concern mounts over the spread of the Omicron variant – Israel had its first known death linked to Omicron on Tuesday.

As of December 21, there were at least 340 known cases of Omicron in Israel.

Israel was praised for its speedy vaccination roll-out back in December 2020, and it was the first nation to announce a third vaccine booster shot in July 2021.

PUBLISHED: 22/12/2021; STORY: Graphic News