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 فيسبوك أسوأ شركة في العالم لعام 2021 infographic
Graphic lists the five worst companies of 2021, according to a Yahoo! Finance reader survey.

نهاية السنة

فيسبوك أسوأ شركة في العالم لعام 2021

By Ninian Carter

December 21, 2021 - ميتا بلاتفورمز، الاسم الجديد للشركة الأم لفيسبوك، صُنفت على أنها أسوأ شركة في العام 2021، وفقًا لاستطلاع نشر حديثا.

Around 8% of 1,541 people polled by Yahoo! Finance, singled out Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta company as the worst of the year – receiving 50% more votes than runner-up, Alibaba, the Chinese online shopping platform.

Meta is the recently rebranded parent company of Facebook, which found itself in a bit of a no-win situation this year, with people on the right of the political spectrum feeling that the platform censors their voice, while those on the left believe it contributes to misinformation and hatred of society.

Other dishonourable mentions include AT&T, Nikola, and Tesla as some of the worst companies of the year.

PUBLISHED: 21/12/2021; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images