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Graphic shows prominent people held by Myanmar’s military junta, and arrests and deaths since the Feb. 1 coup.


شخصيات بارزة يحتجزها المجلس العسكري في ميانمار

November 16, 2021 - تم القبض على أكثر من 10.000 شخص وقُتل أكثر من 1.200 في ميانمار منذ استيلاء الجيش على السلطة في شباط (فبراير)، وفقاً لمجموعة مراقبة محلية.

Allegations of widespread electoral fraud were the main reason cited by the military for its Feb. 1 seizure of power that toppled Suu Kyi’s government. Her National League for Democracy party was about to begin a second five-year term in office after its landslide victory in the polls. The army-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party suffered unexpectedly heavy losses.

Independent observers, such as the Asian Network for Free Elections, found no evidence of substantive irregularities in the polls, though they criticised some aspects.

The action by the Union Election Commission could potentially result in Suu Kyi’s party being dissolved and unable to participate in a new election the military has promised will take place within two years of its takeover.

PUBLISHED: 16/11/2021; STORY: Graphic News