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 طلقات فارغة تستخدم في “سلاح خلبي” infographic
Graphic shows difference between live rounds and blanks used in movie-making.

أسلحة نارية

طلقات فارغة تستخدم في “سلاح خلبي”

By Duncan Mil

October 22, 2021 - “المسدس الخلبي” - مسدس غير حربي - المملوء بطلقات فارغة يبقى سلاحاً يمكن أن يؤذي أو حتى يقتل، لأنه رغم افتقاره لرأس الطلقة المقذوف (الرصاصة)، فإن مادة البارود تبقى قوتها التفجيرية فيها.

Firearms safety coordinator Dave Brown says that a good firearms expert is not just there to supply guns; we also help tell the story. “To do that, we use everything from fake firearms, designed to look acceptable from a distance to real firearms that both look authentic and can fire blanks when desired.”

In the case of a real firearm, the blank does away with the metal projectile -- bullet -- altogether. Instead, the shell that usually houses the bullet is crimped over or covered with soft wadding, often paper, plastic felt, or cotton.

What a blank doesn’t do away with is the propellant in the shell. Firing a gun containing a blank will give a convincing gunshot noise and muzzle flash. There isn’t a projectile to emerge from the barrel of the gun.

Brown explains that some blanks can be loaded with more propellant than a live cartridge, giving them more explosive power, gunshot noise and muzzle flash for the camera.

PUBLISHED: 22/10/2021; STORY: Graphic News