Graphic shows details of Virginia-class and Astute-class submarines.


أستراليا تختار الغواصات النووية

September 21, 2021 - أستراليا ستحصل على أسطول من الغواصات التي تعمل بالطاقة النووية، والتي من المرجح أن تكون مشابهة للغواصة البريطانية من فئة أستوت أو الغواصة الأميركية من فئة فرجينيا.

U.S. President Joe Biden revealed last week a new alliance including Australia and Britain that would deliver an Australian fleet of at least eight nuclear-powered submarines.

Under the Aukus pact, Australia will be given the technology to build the nuclear vessels as a way of countering China’s influence in the contested South China Sea, the BBC said.

The partnership ended a deal worth $37bn signed by Australia in 2016 for France to build 12 conventional submarines. France says it was informed of the pact only hours before the public announcement was made.

The new submarines will be much more capable than the original planned fleet, and could mean a bonanza for defence contractors in the UK and U.S., according to the Financial Times.

PUBLISHED: 21/09/2021; STORY: Graphic News