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 كيفية مشاهدة زخات نيزك بيرسيد infographic
Graphic shows how to view the Perseid meteor shower.


كيفية مشاهدة زخات نيزك بيرسيد

By Ninian Carter

August 9, 2021 - August 12, 2021 - الأسبوع الثاني من شهر آب (أغسطس) يبشر بأفضل وقت لمشاهدة زخات نيزك بيرسيد السنوية - الشهب التي يولدها المذنب.

Planet Earth’s flight through the tail of comet Swift-Tuttle occurs every year, entering around July 17 and exiting five weeks later, around August 24.

The peak this year will be the early mornings of August 11-13, when Earth enters the densest part of the comet’s stream of dust particles – there will be no glowing moon visible to spoil the show at this hour either.

In the northern hemisphere, viewers should find some open sky and cast their eyes northeast, towards the Perseus constellation, where the Perseids appear to radiate from. If you’re lucky, you could see a colourful meteor streak by every minute.

PUBLISHED: 09/08/2021; STORY: Graphic News