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Graphic charts Olympic Covid-19 infections by occupation.

طوكيو 2020

الإصابات الأولمبية بفيروس كوفيد ترتفع %147 خلال أسبوع

By Ninian Carter

July 26, 2021 - أبلغ منظمو أولمبياد طوكيو عن 16 إصابة أخرى بـ كوفيد19- يوم الاثنين، بما في ذلك ثلاث إصابات بين الرياضيين، ويصبح المجموع بذلك 153 إصابة

The much maligned Tokyo 2020 Olympics were struck by sixteen new coronavirus cases on Monday, including three infections among athletes, despite the spectatorless Tokyo Games operating under tight restrictions.

Those testing positive on July 26 include athletes, Olympic personnel, media workers, contractors, employees and volunteers. Total Olympic infections now stand at 153 – up 147% on a total 62 of cases reported last Monday (July 19).

Overall, however, total Covid-19 cases linked to the event are relatively small as a percentage of the number of attendees, with only 0.02% of tests in the three days to Sunday, July 25, returning a positive result.

PUBLISHED: 26/07/2021; STORY: Graphic News