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 “التهابات المخترقة” للقاحات فيروس كورونا infographic
Graphic shows selected details on Covid-19 breakthrough infections.


“التهابات المخترقة” للقاحات فيروس كورونا - مدى الخطورة

July 22, 2021 - في أغلب الحالات التي احتاج فيها المصابون بفيروس كورونا دخول المستشفيات وحالات الوفاة منه كانت بين الأفراد الذين لم يتلقوا اللقاح، ولكن هناك أيضاً ما يسمى “الإتهابات المخترقة” تصيب الأشخاص الذين تلقوا جرعات اللقاح كاملة.

With Covid-19 shots reaching billions of people, reports have grown more common of people being infected with the coronavirus despite being vaccinated. Just as a natural infection does not guarantee protection from reinfection with the virus, neither does immunisation provide a perfect shield, according to Bloomberg.

Still, those who have immunity – either from vaccination or infection – carry a fraction of the risk of those who have none. Breakthrough cases among the immunised are a reminder that as long as the pandemic virus is prevalent in the world, it remains a threat to everyone, Bloomberg said.

PUBLISHED: 22/07/2021; STORY: Graphic News