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 ووندر وومان يحطم الرقم القياسي للبث التدفقي infographic
Graphic compares the top ten streaming shows in the U.S. during the week of Christmas 2020.


ووندر وومان يحطم الرقم القياسي للبث التدفقي

By Ninian Carter

February 1, 2021 - Long-delayed movie, Wonder Woman 1984, had the biggest U.S. streaming premiere ever when it landed on HBO Max, racking up over 2.25 billion minutes viewed in three days, according to Nielsen.

HBO Max’s premiere of “Wonder Woman 1984” during the week of Christmas 2020, pulled in significantly more viewing time than any other streaming title for the period, according to market measurement firm, Nielsen.

The D.C. comics superhero sequel was the most viewed on its top ten streaming ranking for December 21-27, 2020, amassing almost 2.3 billion minutes viewed among U.S. viewers – around 35% more than nearest rival “Soul”.

The Nielsen data suggests “Wonder Woman 1984” was viewed on average 14.9 million times, given the movie’s 151-minute runtime.

AT&T, who own Warner Bros and HBO, say the movie helped the HBO Max streaming service double activations in Q4, to 17.2 million.

The movie has since left the service, following plans laid out by the studio that will see all its movie output in 2021 released in cinemas and on HBO Max (the latter only for 31 days) simultaneously – much to the consternation of struggling cinema chains.

WarnerMedia is hoping a regular supply of new blockbusters will continue HBO Max's subscriber momentum. The next in line is Zack Snyder’s all-new, once mythical, director’s cut of 2017’s “Justice League” which will premiere on HBO Max on March 18.

Currently, Nielsen's subscription video on-demand ratings (launched in 2017) measures data from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney+. HBO Max is not normally included, with this announcement seen as “a one-time view”.

PUBLISHED: 01/02/2021; STORY: Graphic News