Graphic shows Ad Diriyah E-Prix circuit. (All circuits for the 2019-20 season also available in a set (each 52mm wide) - see GN39663.(Jakarta not yet available))

فورمولا إي

الدرعية تستضيف أول سباقات بطولة الجائزة الكبرى للفورمولا إي

By Tony Mullins

November 22, 2019 - July 26, 2020 - The Formula E 2019-20 championship gets underway in the ancient surroundings of Ad Diriyah, a short drive from the centre of the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh. Ad Diriyah hosts the first two rounds of the 2019-20 championship.

The 2.49km street circuit features 21 turns and winds its way through the historic town of adobe brick buildings, blending the ancient with the ultra modern. The existing road network was upgraded to meet FIA standards before Ad Diriyah hosted its first E-Prix in 2017.

2019-20 is the sixth season of the FIA Formula E Championship, the world’s first fully electric international single-seater street racing series.

R1 Nov 22, 2019 Ad Diriyah, Saudi Arabia
R2 Nov 23, 2019 Ad Diriyah, Saudi Arabia
R3 Jan 18, 2020 Santiago, Chile
R4 Feb 15, 2020 Mexico City, Mexico
R5 Feb 29, 2020 Marrakesh, Morocco
R6 Mar 21, 2020 Sanya, China
R7 Apr 4, 2020 Rome, Italy
R8 Apr 18, 2020 Paris, France
R9 May 3, 2020 Seoul, South Korea
R10 Jun 6, 2020 Jakarta, Indonesia - circuit details not yet available
R11 Jun 21, 2020 Berlin, Germany
R12 Jul 11, 2020 New York City, United States
R13 Jul 25, 2020 London, UK
R14 Jul 26, 2020 London, UK

PUBLISHED:19/11/2019; STORY: Graphic News
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