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فورمولا إي: فورمولا إي ٢٠١٨ - ٢٠١٩ - الجولة الثانية - مراكش، المغرب infographic

فورمولا إي ٢٠١٨ - ٢٠١٩ - الجولة الثانية - مراكش، المغرب

Graphic News

January 12, 2019 -- Round 2 of the Formula E 2018-19 championship takes place in Marrakesh, Morocco.

2018-19 is the fifth season of the FIA Formula E Championship, the world’s first fully electric international single-seater street racing series. The new season features the new Gen2 cars, a new race format, new cities and new teams and drivers.

R1 Dec 15, 2018 Ad Diriyah, Saudi Arabia
R2 Jan 12, 2019 Marrakesh, Morocco
R3 Jan 26, 2019 Santiago, Chile
R4 Feb 16, 2019 Mexico City, Mexico
R5 Mar 10, 2019 Hong Kong, China
R6 Mar 23, 2019 Sanya, China
R7 Apr 13, 2019 Rome, Italy
R8 Apr 27, 2019 Paris, France
R9 May 11, 2019 Monaco
R10 May 25, 2019 Berlin, Germany
R11 Jun 22, 2019 Bern, Switzerland
R12 Jul 13, 2019 New York City, United States
R13 Jul 14, 2019 New York City, United States

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