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Graphic shows details of Xinjiang facilities.


معسكرات الاعتقال الصينية لمسلمي الأويغور

October 25, 2018 - China has been accused of detaining up to a million ethnic Muslims in its western region of Xinjiang. The government says the prison-type structures are “vocational schools” to educate people influenced by extremism.

AFP journalists who reviewed more than 1,500 publicly available government documents describe the centres as being run more like jails than schools.

Thousands of guards equipped with tear gas, stun guns and spiked clubs keep tight control over “students”, who are held in facilities ringed with razor wire and infrared cameras, according to the documents.

The descriptions are a far cry from Chinese government propaganda that claims the facilities in Xinjiang, where most of China’s ethnic Uighur and other Muslim minorities live, provide “free” education and job training to counter the spread of separatism, terrorism and religious extremism.

PUBLISHED:26/10/2018; STORY: Graphic News