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Graphic shows approximate route of migrant caravan.

أميركا اللاتينية

قافلة المهاجرين تنطلق نحو المكسيك

October 22, 2018 - Thousands of Central American migrants who managed to cross from Guatemala into Mexico have vowed to continue marching northwards with hopes of making it to the United States.

The Associated Press news agency reports that 2,000 migrants took the decision to continue their journey.

Other migrants remain stranded at the border in an attempt to enter Mexico legally, according to the BBC. The Mexican authorities have accepted small groups for asylum processing and granted some 45-day visitor permits to others. Some have boarded transport organised by the Guatemalan authorities to return to Honduras voluntarily.

The migrant caravan, which started out more than a week ago with less than 200 participants, has drawn additional people along the way and it swelled to an estimated 5,000 Sunday after many migrants found ways to cross from Guatemala into southern Mexico as police blocked the official crossing point.

Later in the day, authorities in Guatemala said another group of about 1,000 migrants had entered that country from Honduras.

PUBLISHED:22/10/2018; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Associated Press