Donald Trump to be trusted with nuclear codes

WASHINGTON DC. -- Beginning on Inauguration Day, Donald Trump will be accompanied at all times by a military aide carrying the nuclear “football”, a briefcase enabling him to order a nuclear strike at a moment’s notice.

At that point, should he wish, Trump can launch as many as 925 nuclear warheads with destructive force greater than 17,000 Hiroshima bombs. There are no constitutional restraints on his power to do so.

Brussels’ elite eyes populist uprising

LONDON -- Voters in countries that contribute almost 72 percent of European Union GDP have voted or will soon vote in ballots amid anger against perceived elite politics.

Year end: Scientific achievements of 2016

LONDON -- 2016 saw the detection of gravitational waves predicted by Albert Einstein, creation of a self-replicating man-made species, a Superman-style crystal, and more.

Year end: New movies in 2017

LONDON -- Hollywood is promising 2017 will be a record-breaking year with movies from directors Ridley Scott, Luc Besson, George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Guy Ritchie.

Year end: Star of Bethlehem theories

LONDON -- Was the Star of Bethlehem a comet, an alignment between the Sun, the Earth, Jupiter and Saturn, a double eclipse of Jupiter by the moon, supernova or combination of all these events?

IQOS cigarette aims to reduce smoking toxins

LONDON -- A new type of cigarette has been launched which, it’s claimed, offers the same nicotine hit as regular cigarettes, while reducing inhalation of harmful toxins by 90%.

Japan eyes supercomputer crown

TOKYO -- Japan plans to build the world’s fastest supercomputer to aid research into driverless cars, robotics and medical diagnostics.

U.S. facing surge in illegal immigration

GUATEMALA CITY -- Central American nations are warning that large numbers of migrants are fleeing their poor, violent homes to the U.S. after Donald Trump’s surprise election win.

Dec 6: Champions League last chance

LISBON -- Benfica host Napoli at Estadio da Luz, where victory for either side will ensure their progress, but with Besiktas just a point behind, defeat could result in elimination.

Dec 8-18: FIFA Club World Cup

TOKYO -- Champions League winners Real Madrid and five continental champions, plus a team from host nation Japan, will battle it out to be crowned Champion of Champions.

Dec 8: Final places left in Europa League

VILLAREAL -- Only 11 places in the Last 32 remain, with Villarreal hosting Steaua Bucharest, Fenerbahce travelling to Feyenoord, and Southampton taking on Hapoel Beer-Sheva.

Murray and Kerber top year-end rankings

LONDON -- Andy Murray and Germany’s Angelique Kerber both battled to the top of the tennis rankings at the end of a season that has seen six different Grand Slam champions.

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