PGA Championship, print and multimediaPGA Championship, print and multimedia

LOUISVILLE -- The final major of the year – the U.S. PGA Championship – gets under way next Thursday at the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky.

Extensive changes, including new greens for all 18 holes, await the 156 players who will compete at Valhalla.

Israeli concern over boycotts and sanctionsIsraeli concern over boycotts and sanctions

LONDON -- Originally considered a minor nuisance, the pro-Palestinian campaign for boycotts, divestment and sanctions (known as BDS) is starting to have an impact.

China plans railway to India through TibetChina plans railway to India through Tibet

BEIJING -- China plans to extend a railway on the high trans-Himalayan plateau of Tibet to the borders of India, Bhutan and Nepal. The first section opens next month.

Marvel’s super-powered movie strategyMarvel’s super-powered movie strategy

LOS ANGELES -- Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s tenth blockbuster since forming its own movie studios in 2006, hits screens on July 31.

World Agenda, print and multimediaWorld Agenda, print and multimedia

LONDON -- Events include Turkey's first direct presidential elections, and a meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama and 50 African heads of state.

Aug 14: Papal visit to South KoreaAug 14: Papal visit to South Korea

VATICAN -- Pope Francis visits South Korea on August 14 on his first trip to Asia as pontiff. He will bring a message of peace to the war-divided peninsula.

Sep 14: Star-Spangled-Banner bicentennialSep 14: Star-Spangled-Banner bicentennial

WASHINGTON -- Two hundred years ago, during the Anglo-American War, Francis Scott Key was inspired to pen the lyrics that became the U.S. national anthem.

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