Malofiej 27 World Graphics Summit, Pamplona, Spain

On March 25-29, 2019, the Spanish chapter of the Society of News Design and the Universidad de Navarra will be hosting the 27th annual Malofiej graphics summit in Pamplona, Spain.

Show Don’t Tell: Every year, the graphics summit is preceded by the Show Don’t Tell graphics workshop, this year from Sunday 25 - Wednesday 27 March.

Malofiej World Summit: The Infographics Summit, taking place Thursday 28 - Friday 29 March, will bring together jury members, speakers, media professionals, academics and students from around the world. And the list of speakers is inspiring.

COME AND FIND US! Jane Brodie of Graphic News will be attending the Summit. Get in touch if you’re coming along so she knows to look out for you!

OR VISIT US IN LONDON! If you’re flying via London, you’d be very welcome to come and visit us at the GN studio.


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