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To quote Graphic News’ founder Duncan Mil, "The internet is in danger of losing its way and going into a visual dark age because the tools available are designed for words and coders. The tools available to visual journalists are still very primitive".

"I look forward to exciting advances in the future, but until then the techniques that we have developed enable graphic designers with conventional skills to produce responsive and interactive graphics with animation, and/or live data feeds. These graphics change their design depending on whether viewed on a mobile phone, tablet or computer screen, but maintain their visual integrity. They can also be published as supplied or modified, and the words can be edited or translated."

The showreel shows examples of 'screen' graphics (created in Adobe Illustrator - AI2HTML) and interactives. As you can see, the graphics remain readable and look good on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers.

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October 12, 2017: The Index and Website Guide have been improved to give greater accessibility

October 12, 2017: The results of a search can now be displayed one graphic at a time. So to run through the latest graphics, select the language flag on the top bar, and then the display option you want

November 1, 2017: The bulk of our Olympics graphics package will be available. Some already released

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