FIFA Women's World Cup 2019

June 7 – July 7, 2019 -- The eighth Women's World Cup is set to be the biggest since the birth of the tournament, with 24 countries competing at nine venues across France. The tournament has doubled in size since FIFA’S first formal World Cup in 1991 - a testament to the popularity of women’s soccer. And FIFA has taken notice - according to its president Gianni Infantino, soccer has “too often overlooked half the world’s population: the women. At the new FIFA we are determined to change this.”

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• Formats: Graphics are available in static formats for print and responsive formats for digital. Static graphics are constructed in Adobe Illustrator and saved to CS4. Responsive "screen" graphics are constructed in Adobe Illustrator and converted to html. Interactives are constructed in Tumult Hype. Responsive graphics adjust their design so looks good whatever device they're viewed on. Interactive responsives stay the same height as their width decreases. Responsive "screen" graphics become longer as they become thinner.

• Publication: Responsive graphics can be downloaded and hosted locally, or published using simple embed code so all a page editor has to do is paste a small piece of code onto their web page. For interactives the embed code is an iframe and for screen graphics it is a div.

• Languages: Graphics are supplied in six languages - English, Arabic, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Spanish.

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Since then delivery speeds and website technology have moved on. The new website will offer the best online experience possible now, adding many new features (and offering new opportunities for the future), but still enabling existing users to select and download infographics and enjoy the distinct brand of visual journalism that is Graphic News.

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