Motorsports 2019 coverage infographic

Motorsports 2019 coverage

Formula 1, MotoGP, Formula E and World Rally Championship

For the new motorsports calendar, Graphic News offers a comprehensive collection of infographics in both mobile-optimised and print formats. Let your visitors follow the action live during an F1 or MotoGP race with our responsive Sportlive interactives with live data feeds.

Our graphics can be used as supplied, modified, edited, translated, or the elements used as a resource to create your own graphics or in your own page designs.

Get in touch, whether you are looking for artwork, single graphics or a package.

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Click on the links below to see graphics for each sport - latest 2019 plus 2018

Formula 1 - Overview
Sportlive and interactives - Overview
Team Guide, Helmets, Calendar, Rule Changes, Circuits, Sportlive Interactive Championship Guide, Sportlive Interactive Teams and Drivers, Sportlive Interactive Circuits, Team Grid (cars from above), Driver Profiles, Photomontage, Team Logos

Team Guide, Helmets, Calendar, Circuits, Sportlive Interactive Championship Guide, Sportlive Interactive Team Guide and Standings, Interactive Schedule, Team Logos

Formula E
Rule Changes, Circuits

World Rally Championship WRC
NB Schedule only for 2019.

  • Sportlive with live results feeds: It is recommended that these interactives are published using embed code.
  • Sportlive web apps: These interactives can be made available to your visitors as a web app, bringing them back to your coverage throughout the season - they just view on their smartphone and 'add to home screen'.

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