2017 Motorsports packages - Formula 1, WRC, MotoGP

For the new motorsports season, Graphic News offers a comprehensive package of infographics

  • For digital and print publishers in responsive and static formats. The responsive graphics, whether interactive or AI2HTML (produced in Adobe Illustrator and converted to HTML), change their design according to the device on which they’re viewed, to deliver stunning, information-rich graphics whether on a mobile, tablet or computer screen.

    • Apps: The interactive Sportlive F1 Championship Guide can be made available to your visitors as a downloadable web app, bringing your visitors back to your site throughout the season. It includes live results that automatically update during each GP as well as standings throughout the championship.

      To view graphics already available:

      | VIEW FORMULA 1 |
      Package will include: Interactive Sportlive Championship Guide; interactive Sportlive race trackers; Team Guide inc. Cars and Helmets; Driver Helmets and Profiles; Team Logos; Rule Changes; static Circuits; Calendar; Photoshop Banner

      | VIEW MOTOGP |
      Package will include: Interactive and static Team Guides inc. bikes and helmets, Interactive Schedule with results; Circuits; Calendar; Team Logos

      | VIEW WRC |
      Package will include: Calendar; Teams and Drivers, Rally Routes

  • Languages English, Arabic, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Spanish. Others available on request
  • Hosting Responsive graphics are hosted so they can be published very easily by pasting the embed code provided with each onto a web page. Graphics in alternative languages may also be hosted on request
  • Availability Although the majority of the graphics will be available in advance (January/early February), some graphics are updated repeatedly as the start of the season approaches and driver and car details are announced
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November 24, 2017 — Ai2HTML screen graphics - The script has been updated to allow multiple screen graphics to be published on the same web page. Click here for instructions

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