PyeongChang, South Korea, February 6-25, 2018 - A comprehensive package of graphics

Whether you are interested in the schedule and venues, or want features about particular sporting events of interest to your country, look no further...

With over 50 graphics to choose from, whether you want one graphic or the package, we can help you.

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Venues and stadia (Click on links to see graphics in each category)

Sport features: Features graphics describing all 24 sporting events, with details of the courses and rules

Medals, Schedule & medal table

Live results: Medal Table and schedule combined to show winners for each event. As the medals are awarded, the graphic updates automatically. Before any medals start coming in the graphic shows the medal winners from 1924 to 2014 (rather than a blank table).

Interactive graphics: Sports features, venues, schedule, medal table, venues, history of the Winter Olympics

Artwork: Stadia, venue mini-maps, Olympic emblem, Paralympic emblem, torch relay emblem, medals, mascots, sport pictograms, photomontage banners

Torch & relay

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  • Graphics created in Adobe Illustrator are also available in html in a responsive "screen' format suitable for mobile phones as well as tablets and computer laptops.

  • Interactives are created in Adobe Hype. The words can easily be edited with a text editor.

  • Embed code available for interactives and responsive screen graphics, so all a publisher has to do is paste a small piece of code onto their web page

  • All graphics can be published as supplied or modified and/or translated. Available already translated in six languages.

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