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EGYPT: Challenges ahead for Suez Canal on 150th anniversary (Graphic DUE Oct 22, 16:00GMT)

ENVIRONMENT: Russia’s melting permafrost (Graphic DUE Oct 22, 14:00GMT)

POLITICS: Canada election result 2019 (Graphic)

MILITARY: Kurdish fighters leave Syrian border area (Graphic)

POLITICS: Chile unrest spreads (Graphic)

POLITICS: Canada general election (Graphic)

ROYALTY: Enthronement of Emperor Naruhito interactive (2) (Interactive UPDATED Oct 18)

ROYALTY: Enthronement of Emperor Naruhito (1) (Graphic UPDATED Oct 18)

HEALTH: U.S. opioid deaths (Graphic)

BUSINESS: U.S. top trade partners (Graphic)

POLITICS: Spain braced for unrest in Catalonia (Graphic)

MILITARY: Russian troops move into northern Syria (Graphic)

TECH: PlayStation 5 – What we know so far (Graphic)

MILITARY: Key players in Syria conflict (Graphic)

HISTORY: On this day October 27 - November 2, 2019 (week 44) (Graphic)

HISTORY: On this day October 20-26, 2019 (week 43) (Graphic)

MILITARY: Countries halt arms sales to Turkey (1) (Graphic UPDATED Oct 15)

HISTORY: ON THIS DAY “interactive” (week 43-44) (Interactive UPDATED Oct 15)

U.S. ELECTION: Race for Democratic presidential nominee (Graphic)

MILITARY: Syria moves against Turkish invasion (Graphic)

POLITICS: Catalonia leaders jailed for sedition (1) (Graphic)

BUSINESS: China rising debt (Graphic)

MIDEAST: Turkish threat to send refugees to Europe (Graphic)

TECH: Singapore VoloPort (Graphic)

HEALTH: U.S. vaping-related illnesses top 1,000 (Graphic)

SCIENCE: Shedding light on obscure Roman scrolls (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Trade wars update (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Bank jobs lost (Graphic)

MILITARY: Enhanced U.S. presence in Poland (Graphic)

ENVIRONMENT: Wildlife trade driving species extinction (Graphic)

RUSSIA: Floating nuclear plant prepares for operation (Graphic)

AFRICA: Violence threatens Sahel region (Graphic)

ART: Long-lost €6m artwork up for auction (Graphic)

WORLD AGENDA: October 2019 interactive (1) (Interactive)

WORLD AGENDA: October 2019 (1) (Graphic)

AVIATION: Qantas testing world’s longest flight (Graphic)

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