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AVIATION: The Search for Amelia Earhart (Graphic)

MOTORING: James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 sells at auction (1) (Graphic UPDATED Aug 16)

CLIMATE: July 2019 hottest month on record (Graphic)

MEDICAL: Ebola treatments (Graphic)

POLITICS: Hong Kong protests timeline (Graphic)

U.S.: Budget deficit close to $1 trillion (Graphic)

U.S.: New rule to stop migrants (Graphic)

RUSSIA: Nuclear-powered missile suspected in rocket test blast (Graphic)

ENVIRONMENT: India groundwater stress (Graphic)

TECH: French hoverboard could see military action (Graphic)

BREXIT: EU job losses (Graphic)

DISASTERS: Arctic wildfires interactive infographic (1) (Interactive UPDATED Aug 9)

AFGHANISTAN: Hopes for peace deal (Graphic)

RUSSIA: Russian missile site blast (Graphic)

MEDICAL: Salt intake around world (Graphic)

ZIMBABWE: Millions facing food crisis (Graphic)

TECH: Apple overhauls 2019 iPhone and iOS (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Tencent’s global deals (Graphic)

HISTORY: On this day August 11-17, 2019 (week 33) (Graphic UPDATED Aug 6)

BUSINESS: U.S. newspaper owners (Graphic)

HISTORY: ON THIS DAY “interactive” (week 33-34) (Interactive UPDATED Aug 6)

HISTORY: On this day August 18-24, 2019 (week 34) (Graphic)

KASHMIR: India revokes special status (Graphic)

MEDICAL: Congo Ebola outbreak hits one-year mark (Graphic)

DISASTERS: Russia’s wildfires (Graphic)

MILITARY: North Korea missiles timeline (1) (Graphic UPDATED Aug 2)

AFGHANISTAN: UN report on civilian deaths (Graphic)

NARCOTICS: Global opium production (Graphic)

CLIMATE CHANGE: Thunberg to sail to climate talks (Graphic)

AUSTRALIA: Plans for U.S. military base (Graphic)

TECH: Game-changing Game Boy turns 30 (Graphic)

SYRIA: Russia-led raids target Idlib province (Graphic)

ECONOMY: Europe’s search for next IMF chief (Graphic)

BUSINESS: India auto sales plummet (Graphic)

MILITARY: Chinese army presence in Hong Kong (Graphic)

MIDEAST: UK navy boosts Gulf defence (Graphic)

ENVIRONMENT: India’s tiger population (Graphic)

ENVIRONMENT: 50th Pacific Island Forum (Graphic)

BUSINESS: U.S.-UK post-brexit trade deal (Graphic)

MILITARY: China-Cambodia naval base deal (Graphic)

WORLD AGENDA: August 2019 interactive (Interactive)

WORLD AGENDA: August 2019 (Graphic)

MILITARY: Russian S-500 missile defence system (Graphic)

U.S. 2020: Campaign finance (Graphic)

SPACE: Artemis - mission to the moon and beyond interactive infographic (Interactive)

SCIENCE: Bloodhound land speed record project (Graphic)

HISTORY: 1969 -- The year that changed the world interactive (Interactive)

HISTORY: 1969 -- year that changed the world (Graphic)

CHINA: Beijing Expo 2019 (Graphic)

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