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HISTORY: On this day May 5-11, 2019 (week 19) (Graphic DUE Apr 23, 14:00GMT)

HISTORY: On this day May 12-18, 2019 (week 20) (Graphic DUE Apr 23, 14:00GMT)

NOTRE-DAME FIRE: Donations pledged (Graphic)

HISTORY: Leonardo da Vinci 500 year anniversary interactive (Interactive)

NORTH KOREA: Yongbyon nuclear activity (Graphic)

BUSINESS: EU emissions targets (Graphic)

NOTRE-DAME FIRE: Assessing the damage (1) (Graphic)

SPACE: Sabre space plane engine (Graphic)

NOTRE-DAME FIRE: Key dates (Graphic)

DISASTERS: Fire ravages Notre-Dame cathedral (Graphic)

AUSTRALIA: Gun ownership on the rise (Graphic)

INDONESIA: General elections (Graphic)

BREXIT: Cost of holding EU vote (Graphic)

HISTORY: Leonardo da Vinci 500th anniversary (Graphic)

HEALTH: Candida auris infections on the rise (1) (Graphic UPDATED Apr 12)

SUDAN: Army forces president to step down (Graphic)

POLITICS: Julian Assange’s seven year exile (1) (Graphic UPDATED Apr 11)

POLITICS: Israel possible coalition (Graphic)

ROYAL BIRTH: British line of succession (Graphic)

POLITICS: Israel election results (Graphic)

LIBYA: Rivals battle for control of Tripoli (Graphic)

MILITARY: China’s power game (Graphic)

HISTORY: On this day April 28-May 4, 2019 (week 18) (Graphic)

HISTORY: On this day April 21-27, 2019 (week 17) (Graphic)

DISASTERS: Cyclone Idai death toll rises (Graphic)

POLITICS: Team Trump turnover (Graphic)

HISTORY: ON THIS DAY “interactive” (week 17-18) (Interactive UPDATED Apr 6)

ART: Van Gogh’s suicide weapon up for auction (Graphic)

ENTERTAINMENT: Game of Thrones viewing guide interactive (Interactive)

SCIENCE: Plant-based protein (Graphic)

LIBYA: UN chief warns of military escalation (Graphic)

ALGERIA: Bouteflika ends 20-year rule (Graphic)

NATO: Trump urges more defence spending (Graphic)

MILITARY: U.S. suspends F-35 deliveries to Turkey (Graphic)

BUSINESS: EU-U.S. trade talks (Graphic)

TRANSPORT: London moves to curb air pollution (Graphic)

POLITICS: Brexit meaningful vote timeline (Graphic)

TURKEY: Erdogan suffers setbacks in local elections (Graphic)

UKRAINE: Comedian leads presidential vote (Graphic)

ENTERTAINMENT: Game of Thrones viewing guide (Graphic)

AVIATION: Boeing 737 MAX software fix (Graphic)

INDIA: General election interactive (Interactive)

WORLD AGENDA: April 2019 interactive (Interactive)

WORLD AGENDA: April 2019 (Graphic)

TRANSPORT: Sydney Metro (Graphic)

ASIA: Japan’s Emperor Akihito abdicates (Graphic)

SPACE: LightSail 2 – Flight by Light (Graphic)

SCIENCE: Chicken eggs as drug factories (Graphic)

SPACE: Osiris Rex asteroid mission (Graphic)

CHINA: Beijing Expo 2019 (Graphic)

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