Phil Bainbridge

Phli is a Director of Graphic News, and oversees the production side of the business along with Duncan Mil.

Although Phil was recruited as a young graduate because of his beautiful product design airbrush work, he has since demonstrated a remarkably wide range of abilities. Not only can he work in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to produce beautiful interesting graphics on a wide range of subjects, but he is equally at home with HTML5, UNIX and java-script.

He has overseen the transition of the Graphic News website from a FirstClass client-software bulletin board delivery system of the 1990s to what it is today, meeting the challenges of displaying both static and interactive graphics on multiple platforms.

He has a keen interest in sport and has developed techniques for including live data in both “static” flat graphics produced in Adobe Illustrator and in interactive graphics produced in Adobe Flash and Adobe Edge Animate.

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