Graphic News — Introducing the Team

Graphic News is a small creative company – a small team with a large international footprint – telling world news and sport stories visually in a succinct and distinctive format.

The production team has 6 “core” members:

  • Five full-time “graphic” journalists (Duncan Mil, Jordi Bou, Phil Bainbridge, Ninian Carter, Mike Tyler, Christopher Dinsdale)
  • A “words” journalist Julie Mullins who acts as page editor, proofer, studio manager

  • In addition, there are various part-time specialists: Ben Mullins (interactive graphic designer), Susan Shepherd (page editor and proofer), Jim Batsis (specialist artist), Tony Mullins (design consultant), Neil Winton (specialist motoring journalist), Jennifer Anderson (future events journalist, Editor-in-Chief of GN Newsahead)
The support team has 4 members:
  • Jane Brodie (editorial support/marketing/sales, Spanish/French speaker)
  • Fiona Roberts (accounts payable, strategic planning, editorial support)
  • Elena Yiannakis (accounts receivable, editorial support, Russian speaker)
  • Jennifer Bermudez (sales/marketing, social media, Spanish speaker/traveller)
For translation and to edit the foreign language services:
  • Walid Traboulsi (Arabic translation and graphics editor)
  • Frits van Someren (Dutch)
  • Traute Redlich (German)
  • Rui Fernandes de Carvalho (Portuguese)
  • Carmen Rosas Chávez (Spanish)
There are no full-time managers or directors at Graphic News. Everyone is a “practitioner”, management roles being taken on in addition as and when needed. Duncan Mil, Phil Bainbridge, Fiona Roberts and Jane Brodie are also company directors.

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Welcome to Graphic News

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