FAQ Information

We have an extensive information resources built up over many years but the company and technology is changing all the time ... so please, if you have questions or need help, do not hesitate to contact us.

WEBSITE GUIDE: The website is a hybrid as it is designed not only for visitors simply interested in the news but also media professionals wishing to obtain and publish graphics.

SERVICE GUIDE FOR PUBLISHERS: This section is more technical and is intended for media professionals particularly graphic designers and editors. Graphics are inherently more complex to use than a jpg for an image or a text file, so don’t worry if you are unfamiliar or a graphic doesn’t appear quite as you would want it to on your web site. We are here to help you.

THE COMPANY: This section describes who we are, how the company started and why we do what we do. It also gives our address and telephone number.

TERMS: Whether you are simply a visitor, or publishing graphics for the first time, you need to understand our terms. We try to write our terms so that they can be understood by the people using our service, but are happy to answer questions at any time.

If you like Graphic News, whether you are a publisher, a company, or somebody simply interested in the news or wanting to use infographics for teaching or education, we can help you.

Welcome to Graphic News

If you are new to Graphic News there is a Website Guide to help you find your way around.