FAQ: Why do graphics need to be responsive?

Responsive graphics are needed for responsive websites - A responsive website is one whose design changes depending on the screen width. This enables the same content to be viewed on mobile phone or tablet, or computer. Responsive sites thus avoid the cost of having different editorial teams for the different platforms, and increase the search engine credibility (Google gives a higher rating to web sites that are mobile compatible).

On a responsive site, text can adjust to a different column width, and pictures can be scaled. This is no problem.

Graphics are not so easy. They become unreadable if scaled down. If enlarged the drawn visual elements may appear crude and can become harder to comprehend because of spread into the peripheral visual field. To avoid these problems, the design of the graphic itself needs to adjust according to the width of the screen on which it is viewed, i.e. to be responsive.

The challenge is to produce responsive graphics without compromising the visual appearance of the graphic, to do this to meet news deadlines and to be able to supply such graphics at a price media publishers can afford. For an agency like Graphic News responsives also need to be editable, modifiable, and easy to use.


FAQ: What do the terms responsive, fluid, adaptive mean?

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