Definition: The Term of an Agreement

The Graphic News Publishers User Terms specify that Graphics may only be published during the Term (i.e. the period) of the Agreement with Graphic News. This includes graphic elements from graphics as well as the original graphics. Most subscriber agreements are for a period of a year, but short term introductory agreements are available for specific events

  • Storage: At the end of the Term all copies of Graphic News copyright material, except those in the “Permitted Publication”, have to be deleted from all computers and storage devices. This is to avoid unintentional publication without permission. Where a Term hasn’t been specified all copies should be deleted within three months.
  • Web pages: When web pages are updated repeatedly as the news changes, although each update is essentially a separate publication, graphics on such pages may be retained providing the editorial context of the page doesn’t change.
  • Recurring interactives: When interactives are updated regularly with data feeds (such as the On This Day in History interactive), the interactive must be removed from a website when a subscription or free trial ends as each data set is considered to be a different publication.
  • Graphics supplied as kits: Interactives such as Soccer Matchtrackers can be reconfigured for different matches. After a subscription or trial ends, web pages showing matches prior to the end of the agreement may be retained, but the graphic may not be reconfigured and published for new matches.
  • Repeated or One-time use: During the Term of an agreement (as with a Subscription Agreement) Publishers have unlimited access to the Graphic News Service and archive and so may publish Graphics as often as they want. However, if the Term hasn’t been specified (as with a Contract Invoice), graphics may be used “once only”.
  • Graphic elements: If a graphic contains graphic elements (such as club crests) that a Publisher wants to use separately from the graphic itself, “one-time use” includes using the graphic, or the graphic elements, or the graphic plus the elements in the same edition. It does not allow the elements to be used repeatedly in further editions.

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