FAQ: Which file to download?

At the point of download the link show the type of graphic rather than the actual filenames. What files you see will depend on what permissions you have.

  • ZIP: All print
    Downloads to file GN12345P_print_EN.zip that decompresses to a folder containing:
    • GN12345C_EN.ai -- Editable file in Adobe Illustrator CS4
    • GN12345C_EN.pdf -- File saved to Adobe Pdf (press quality (not Illustrator compatible)
    • GN12345C_EN.jpg -- File at 300dpi, CMYK

  • ZIP: Screen
    Downloads to file GN12345R_screen_EN.zip that decompresses to a folder containing:
    • GN12345R_EN.ai -- Master editable file in Adobe Illustrator CS4 that can be converted to HTML using the AI2HTML script
    • GN12345R_EN -- Folder containing the .html and images produced from the master .ai file by the ai2html script
    • GN12345R_EN.jpg -- Landscape preview visual (300px wide x 200px deep)

  • ZIP: Interactive
    Downloads to file GN12345W_interactive_EN.zip that decompresses to a folder containing:
    • GN12345 This contains the "master" files that can be modified using Tumult Hype
    • GN12345W_min_EN. This contains the publishable files: -
      GN12345.html The html file that can be used to publish the graphic
      GN12345.hyperresources folder that contains the assets used by the .html. The modifiable text for the graphic is held in a file GN12345.json text-type file- which can therefore be modified with a simple text editor.
    • GN12345R_EN.jpg This is a landscape shaped jpg that can be used as a preview visual or button.
    • Legacy interactives in the archive may contain two folders - one folder will contain the minimized publishable version of the graphic either in swf (Adobe Flash, 2000-2012) or html (Adobe Edge Animate 2012-April 2016). The other folder will contain the version that can be edited in Adobe Edge Animat or in Adobe Flash.

    Sometimes graphics are packaged as a set with the same graphic number, so they can be downloaded together, and so the archive isn't flooded by similar-looking graphics. For this the .ai, pdf and .jpg are usually packaged in separate folders.

  • ZIP: Clip
    Sometimes drawn elements from within a graphic are clipped and placed in a _clip_ folder so they can be downloaded separately, alongwith EN graphics as a file GN12345C_clip_EN.zip
    NOTE: Artwork contained within a graphic may be cut Uncut artwork is included, when available, in the R.ai of the screen graphic, for use with the different artboards. It can also be removed for use in other complex digital products.
    NOTE: Where artwork is created separately (rather than contained within a graphic with words and other elements), these can be selected using keyword "Artwork".
  • JPG:Print -- File saved in JPG at 300dpi CMYK
  • JPG: Preview -- - The landing view of an interactive saved as JPG, RGB (GN36287V_EN.jpg)
  • TXT: Captions Downloads to file GN12345T_words_ EN.txt (Plain Text / Unicode 8) containing captions of graphic for translators or editors
  • TXT: Story Downloads to file GN12345T_EN.txt for a story that accompanies the graphic. These stories are also pasted into the "story" field visible online.
  • TXT: SetCode When a series of graphics or artwork are packaged as a set with the same graphic number, they can be distinguished by their setcode. This text file gives the key to the setcode.
  • TXT: EventCode When aSportlive graphic can be displayed in different ways for different events, the eventcode determines which version is displayed. This text file gives the key to the eventcode

    AI: Legacy (colour), AI: Legacy (B&W) Adobe Illustrator 3 or 8, created 1991-2005, compressed to sea or sit.
    AI: Editable and PDF: Print/Read-only Adobe Illustrator CS2, created pre- February 2016)
    Legacy formats may contain linked (rather than embedded images) and an outlined (rather than editable) headline. If the headline is outlined the editable text can be obtained from the "Translation Layer". Legacy graphics will be reissued on request in modern formats.
  • FAQ: Why do some files open on screen rather than download?
    FAQ: How are files named?

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