WORKSHOP October 14, 2011: Networking Session

The Networking Session is intended to be a way of introducing participants to each other -- a sort of “speed dating” where you can meet others with expertise you need, or facing similar challenges to yourself.

  • Anci Holm, Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden. How the graphics department at Svenska Dagbladet works as an independent department creating our own infographic journalism
  • Ciaran Hughes, Channel 4 News, UK. A brief guide to what I produce for Channel 4 News online
  • Odd Øystein Johansen, Nyhetsgrafikk, Norway. How our agency has survived in a country of less than five million people. What is our ambition for the future?
  • Florian Marina-Teodorescu, Adevarul, Romania. How a major design company influenced the mentality of a quality newspaper in terms of the visual identity of graphics and infographics
  • Sebastian Rodrigue, La Presse, Canada. Integrating video content online and competing with TV
  • Sheila Pontis, MapCI Information Design, UK How to analyse and organize complex information (and designers) so that the information can be visualized and communicated
  • Roger Huisman, Het Belang van Limburg, Belgium. News in Images - examples of our work including full page infographics using Graphic News material
  • Max Gadney, Design Consultant, UK. Data media publishing
  • Gert K. Nielsen, GrafikGert, Denmark. How can we do really rapid 3D graphics for breaking news? Can we even do animations?
  • Frederik Ruys, Vizualism, Netherlands. Storytelling with data visualisations - the making of ‘Netherlands from Above’ for Dutch TV

Don’t be inhibited! If you feel you would like to give a five-minute presentation about your work just let us know.

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