About translating and editing static graphics created in Adobe Illustrator

The translators at Graphic News translate the words directly into the graphic using Adobe Illustrator. This is fast and easy and shows the translator the context and the space available for words. Alternatively if the translator can not work directly in Adobe Illustrator, the words are available in a separate text file so they can be sent to a translator along with a visual (JPG).The translator then enters the new words below the English (keeping to the same line length as nearly as possible). Then somebody with Adobe Illustrator replaces the words and makes any other necessary adjustments to the graphic.

The procedure used to translate and edit the words in a graphic is described in the downloadable guides below. In brief...

  1. Download the ZIP format of the graphic
  2. Decompress to either a single AI Illustrator file or a folder containing an AI file and linked JPG image file. Embed the image if you want to ditch the separate JPG and folder
  3. Open the AI file in Illustrator by double clicking on the AI file or dragging onto the Adobe Illustrator icon. All the layers should be locked except the top text layer
  4. Edit or translate the standfirst (introductory paragraph) and captions using the text tool inserting line breaks as necessary. Cut or alter words at your discretion. Adjust the text width only if unavoidable and by no more than 80%
  5. Translate the Headline: Before you translate the headline, if it has been outlined, select with the Group Selection tool, delete, and replace with the editable text from the Translation View
  6. Adjust pointer positions and lengths to correspond to the translated text
  7. Select Publish View to ensure the graphic opens consistently with all layers locked except the Text layer
  8. Remove floating handles
  9. Save, changing the filename to distinguish it from the original graphic

Printable guide to Translating & Editing - part 1
Printable guide to Translating & Editing part 2

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