The Graphic News Service - for Media and Corporate Publishers

Publishers that use graphics regularly can subscribe and get unlimited access to the service, paying a fair and affordable monthly fee ageed in advance. They can therefore give all their staff access without worrying about budgets, and integrate the service with their content management system.

TRADITIONAL SERVICE Originally designed for print publishers:

  • Traditional static graphics created in Adobe Illustrator
  • Alerts for editors by email and rss
  • Online access to both new graphics and the archive in English, Arabic, Dutch, German, Portuguese and Spanish
  • A license to publish graphics as supplied or to modify, translate or edit the text, or use the drawn elements separately in other graphics
DIGITAL SERVICE For publishers needing content that can be viewed on mobile phones and tablets as well as computer screens. In addition to the above:
  • Responsive graphics (HTML) that adjust their design according to the screen width on which they are viewed. Includes: Interactives, Sportlive interactive tournament guides with live results and statistics that update automatically (HTML, apps), and Screen graphics created in Adobe Illustrator and converted to HTML (AI2HTML).
  • GN App so editors on the go can see the latest graphics on their mobile phone.
  • Embed code - an alternative to downloading responsives - enables graphics to be published by pasting a small piece of code onto a web page
  • License: Like traditional graphics, responsives can be edited and translated, or modified
Content Management System feeds by FTP give visuals and information about new print graphics

Group Licenses allow all publications, however large or small, to use GN graphics, even opportunist one-off publications. Graphics produced in-house using GN material can be shared within a group.

FAQ: Why do subscriptions offer the best deal to publishers?
FAQ: How are prices calculated? What is Graphic News’ fair price policy?

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October 12, 2017: The Index and Website Guide have been improved to give greater accessibility

October 12, 2017: The results of a search can now be displayed one graphic at a time. So to run through the latest graphics, select the language flag on the top bar, and then the display option you want

November 1, 2017: The bulk of our Olympics graphics package will be available. Some already released

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