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Graphic News is a specialist news agency based in London with over 30 years experience in the media industry. Graphic News is independent, with a total commitment to the production of infographics of the highest quality.

The core business, the Graphic News Service, is produced for media publishers and covers world news and sport in a succinct visual format. Graphic News caters for large and small publications, both digital and print, in over 75 countries. The graphics are available in six languages - English, Arabic, Dutch, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Less than 7% of the business is in the UK.

Due to the wide appeal of the infographics, the Graphic News website also welcomes people simply interested in world news.

Registered address and place of business:
Graphic News Ltd
8 Ely Place
London EC1N 6RY, United Kingdom

Tel +44 20 7404 4280
Fax +44 20 7404 4290
helpdesk @

Company Registration Number 2157373
Company VAT number GB290847332



Map showing location of Ely Place with local underground stations and access to airport, plus local historic sites

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