Graphic News — Mission

Graphic News’ original logo (seen on the left) epitomises Graphic News’ mission - to make world news interesting and give an understanding of the world about us.

The logo shows a sphere, a pyramid and a cube - the sphere filled with sky, the pyramid with fire, and the square with the sea and seabed. This combines the Bauhaus ethos with the Greek fundamental elements.

  • Bauhaus: The cube, pyramid and sphere are the elemental shapes of the Bauhaus design school in Germany. Founded by Walter Gropius and in operation from 1919 to 1933, it had a fundamental influence not only on design but also on art and architecture. Applicants to the school were asked to produce a design using the three elemental shapes and then explain the significance of their design.

  • Fundamental elements: In classical thought the world was built from four material elements, Earth, Water, Air and Fire, plus a fifth element to describe that which was beyond the material world. Graphic News makes the sphere the earth with its atmosphere, fills the pyramid with fire, and makes the square the ocean, with the fifth element being the inspiration of the team at Graphic News.
The original logo was replaced in 2013 with a logo better suited to apps and mobile-compatible pages

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