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    User Terms

    Publication or use of Content from the Graphic News Website is subject to agreement to these User Terms and payment of an Agreed Fee. Visitors to the website may view the Content for their own personal education subject to the Website Terms which form part of this Agreement

    These User Terms may be amended at any time by posting the amended terms to this page. These User Terms were last amended February 2019.

    1. USE:
      • PERSONAL EDUCATIONAL USE: A Personal Education License
        • allows use of Content for the personal interest and education of the person who paid the Agreed Fee;
        • allows use by teachers for classroom teaching and by students in scholastic projects;
        • allows publication on a personal non-commercial blog or website that is educational and has less than 1000 unique visitors each month or for which less than Euro 200 advertising revenue accrues each month. A link must be included to the Graphic News Website .
        • does NOT allow use by an artist or designer as visual reference to create new images
        • A Personal Education License is only available to Personal Members using "credits".

      • EDITORIAL USE: A Professional Editorial License
        • allows Content to be published in print, digital or social media owned and produced by the person, organization or company that paid the Agreed Fee, provided the use is in the context of the publisher's own editorial coverage.
        • allows Content to be shared between people within the organization or company that paid the Agreed Fee
        • allows Content to be reproduced as supplied, modified, or the words edited or translated, , or the drawn elements used separately or in alternative designs, subject to inclusion of an appropriate credit. Giving the right to reproduce, translate or modify Content shall not be deemed to be a transfer of copyright
        • allows Content to be used as a source of information or visual reference, provided the source is acknowledged.
        • allows content to be published more than once without limit of time, except when Content is obtained with an unlimited subscription (see below).
        • Pictures included within Content may only be used in that context, and the source from whom the pictures were obtained should be included whenever that Content is published.
        • A Professional Editorial License can be obtained online by Professional Members using "credits", or by users paying for selected items by card online at checkout. Payments may also be made by bank transfer on receipt of an invoice.

      • UNLIMITED SUBSCRIPTIONS: Where a fixed fee monthly fee is paid that does not relate to particular graphics or depend on the number of graphics downloaded (so-called "unlimited subscriptions"), publication is only permitted during the period to which the fee relates. At the end of that period, Content may only be retained in the context in which it was previously published, and only provided these archives are not used as a source for re-use in a different context. Content that has been downloaded but not published must be deleted from all storage devices.

      • OTHER OPTIONS: Alternative licenses are available subject to written agreement. A license may not be transferred or sold or otherwise disposed of without the expressed written permission of the relevant Contributor or the Website Manager. Contact the Website Manager for further information
        • Where an agency obtains Content, the license can be extended to include publications owned by other companies or organizations, provided they agree to the terms contained in this agreement.
        • A license can be extended to include TV, but such extension does not include pictures elements contained within a graphic.

    2. ACCESS:
      • LoginID may only be used by the person to whom it was supplied, unless the LoginID was specifically supplied as a multiuser loginID
      • LoginID must be held securely and not communicated to any other person
      • Content obtained from The Website may only be storied and copied to enable the permitted use, and must not be supplied to third parties without the express written permission of the Website Manager.
      • Access to the Website and the permissions associated with LoginID, including the use of embed code, may be terminated at any time at the absolute discretion of the Website Manager

    3. INDEMNITY: Users are responsible for the Content they publish and for making sure it does not breach any applicable laws, rules, regulations or local market conventions. Contributors will take all reasonable efforts to make sure Content is suitable for the permitted use and that the appropriate third party permissions have been obtained;
      • Users must notify the Website Manager immediately should any problems arise with the Content; Remove Content from a website or similar recurring publication within 24 hours if reasonably requested by the Website Manager so to do; Indemnify The Contributor and the Website for any losses incurred due to failure of the User to comply with the terms of this agreement.

    4. LIABILITY, DEFINITIONS, LAW These are defined in the Website Terms which terms form part of these User Terms

    If you have any questions about these terms or have any problem relating to the Content on the Website, please contact The Website Manager via the Contact Us link on the website or at: New Graphic News Ltd, 8 Ely Place, London EC1N 6RY

21 days to go until NEW GRAPHIC NEWS - a new website for a new era.

28 years ago — April 2, 1991 — the original Graphic News launched using a precursor to today’s websites that used email technology. These enabled infographics to be delivered electronically around the world over telephone lines. What was possible was very limited - It took 10 minutes for a 100K file to download.

Since then delivery speeds and website technology have moved on. The new website will offer the best online experience possible now, adding many new features (and offering new opportunities for the future), but still enabling existing users to select and download infographics and enjoy the distinct brand of visual journalism that is Graphic News.

Over the coming days I will give further information. Please contact me if you have any questions. Fiona Roberts, froberts @ graphicnews.com