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Graphic News’ infographics give a concise and visual explanation of topical news stories... what is happening, where, when and why... for both media publishers and anybody else interested in world news

  • World News and Sport: Current Affairs, Business, Science & Technology, Motoring, Entertainment, Sport, Motorsport...

  • Sportlive Advance coverage plus Sportlive – dynamic interactives (apps) with tournament guides and up-to-the-minute live results and statistics that update automatically

  • For print and digital publishers: Traditional static graphics produced in Adobe Illustrator and responsive graphics produced in Adobe Edge Animate (interactives, HTML) and Adobe Illustrator (AI2HTML) ... to meet news deadlines at a price media publishers can afford

  • Ready to publish and easy to use: Available in alternative languages ... English, Arabic, Dutch, German, Portuguese and Spanish... alternative formats.. with embed code for interactives and responsives.. with alerts for editors and content managements system feeds

  • A resource to create your own graphics: The archive contains all graphics produced since 1991, with collections such as maps, logos, flags, artwork, caricatures. All graphics are editable, translatable and modifiable to complement your own style or story, with drawn elements that can be re-used separately in your own graphics, whether for print, digital or TV.
In the competitive media market of today where many players cover the same stories with near identical words and pictures, infographics can help you stand out from your rivals and provide a modern, lively and interesting approach to engage your readers.

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