Hawaii lava flow stops short of villageHawaii lava flow stops short of village

HONOLULU -- Authorities are hopeful that a lava flow creeping towards Pahoa village in Hawaii for four months has stalled, just metres away from destroying it.

Foreign fighters streaming into SyriaForeign fighters streaming into Syria

LONDON -- More than 15,000 foreign fighters from over 80 countries have travelled to Syria over the past three years to join militant groups.

Discovery of new species  of frog in U.S.Discovery of new species of frog in U.S.

NEW YORK -- Scientists have confirmed that a frog found living in New York City wetlands is a new species. Rana kauffeldi, the leopard frog, probably once inhabited Manhattan.

Mystery of Magic Leap tech companyMystery of Magic Leap tech company

FLORIDA -- Little known Magic Leap has attracted $542 million from investors led by Google for a device to project computer-generated 3D images over real life settings.

Tunisian Islamists concede election defeat Tunisian Islamists concede election defeat

TUNIS -- Tunisia's secularist party Nidaa Tounes has won 85 seats in the country's 217-seat parliament. The governing Islamist Ennahda party won 69 seats.

India's Gujarat state braces for Cyclone NilofarIndia's Gujarat state braces for Cyclone Nilofar

AHMEDABAD -- Authorities in India have begun evacuating tens of thousands of people as Cyclone Nilofar -- with wind speeds of 60-80km/h -- heads towards Gujarat state.

Ukraine's pro-West parties in coalition talksUkraine's pro-West parties in coalition talks

KIEV -- Coalition talks are underway between the pro-Western winners of Ukraine's parliamentary poll. Only five parties passed the 5% threshold thus far.

Gas bonanza could end Mozambique povertyGas bonanza could end Mozambique poverty

PALMA -- Mozambique could emerge as one of the world’s top liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporters and see its economy grow 10-fold over the next two decades.

Mass grave probed for missing studentsMass grave probed for missing students

MEXICO CITY -- Mexican authorities searching for 43 students abducted after clashing with police in September are investigating a new mass grave in Cocula.

Hungary to introduce internet taxHungary to introduce internet tax

BUDAPEST -- Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, plans to create the world’s first tax on internet usage. The "bit" tax is Orban’s latest attempt to slash government debt.

Interactive - World agenda for NovemberInteractive - World agenda for November

GLOBAL -- Events this month include the U.S. mid-term elections, a G20 summit in Australia, and the first ever landing by a spacecraft on a comet.

Nov 4: Senate up for grabs in mid-term electionsNov 4: Senate up for grabs in mid-term elections

WASHINGTON D.C. -- The Republicans hope to gain a majority in the U.S. Senate by wresting seats from Democrats and taking spots left open by retirements.

Nov 9: Catalonia secession voteNov 9: Catalonia secession vote

BARCELONA -- Catalonia’s president Artur Mas has said a non-binding vote on independence from Spain will go ahead on Nov 9, in defiance of Madrid.

Nov 1: European Commission takes officeNov 1: European Commission takes office

BRUSSELS -- The new European Commission, a body consisting of 28 Commissioners from each EU country, is expected to take office on November 1.

Nov 9: ATP World Tour Finals take place in LondonNov 9: ATP World Tour Finals take place in London

LONDON -- The ATP World Tour Finals feature the world’s top eight-ranked tennis players over the year. The final four spots will be decided at the Paris Masters this week.

Oct 31-Nov 2: Formula 1 goes to the U.S.Oct 31-Nov 2: Formula 1 goes to the U.S.

AUSTIN -- Formula One heads to the U.S. on Sunday with former champion Lewis Hamilton holding a 17-point lead over his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg.

Nov 2: TCS New York City MarathonNov 2: TCS New York City Marathon

NEW YORK -- The New York City Marathon, the world’s largest marathon, and the concluding race of the six annual World Marathon Majors takes place on Sunday.

Nov 13-16: Final race of World Rally ChampionshipNov 13-16: Final race of World Rally Championship

LONDON -- Wales Rally GB concludes the WRC season. Competitors must cope with muddy and slippery conditions, driving in darkness and unpredictable weather.

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