Cricket World Cup

European Parliament election results

POLITICS -- Europe’s major centre-left and centre-right is set to lose dozens of seats and their combined majority, while Green parties and some far-right parties saw surges, in the hardest-fought European Parliament elections in a decade.

In France, Marine Le Pen’s far-right, anti-immigrant National Rally party edged out President Emmanuel Macron, who has made EU integration the heart of his presidency. In the UK Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party was set for a big win.

Southern Patagonia Ice Field splits in two

CHILE -- Chile’s 12,000 sq km Southern Patagonia Ice Field has split in two and is likely to continue to fracture amid climate change, scientists say. Scientists fear that such ruptures are becoming more frequent.

Who could replace Theresa May as premier?

POLITICS -- Theresa May has said she will quit as Conservative leader on June 7, paving the way for some senior Conservatives to run for the leadership. More than 15 Tories are trying to launch leadership campaigns.

Oil export alternatives to the Strait of Hormuz

MIDDLE EAST -- The Strait of Hormuz – a vital oil artery linking Middle East producers to markets in Asia, Europe, North America and beyond – carries almost one third of the world’s seaborne crude supplies.

Modi poised for historic landslide

DELHI -- Prime minister Narendra Modi is on track for a landslide election victory that will cement the Hindu nationalist leader as India’s most formidable politician in decades.

World events scheduled for June 2019 interactive

LONDON -- The World Agenda gives a preview of world events scheduled for June, including the G20 summit in Japan, President Trump’s state visit to Britain and the Women’s World Cup in France.

U.S. eyes sanctions on Nord Stream 2 pipeline

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. is considering imposing sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany, a project that critics say could be used by the Kremlin as a political weapon.

Rising oceans could swamp coastal cities

BRISTOL -- Global sea levels could rise by more than two metres by the end of the century – resulting in the displacement of almost 200 million people, if global warming continues at its current rate.

Trump made $434 million in 2018

BUSINESS -- President Donald Trump reported income of at least $434 million in 2018, down slightly on the previous year when he said he made at least $450m.

Indonesia’s Joko Widodo wins second term

JAKARTA -- Joko Widodo has been re-elected as Indonesia’s president following the poll in April. Former general Prabowo Subianto has refused to concede defeat after claiming widespread cheating.

Google restricts Huawei’s use of Android

MOUNTAIN VIEW -- Google has barred Huawei from some updates to the Android operating system, in a blow to the Chinese tech company that the U.S. government has sought to blacklist around the world.

Solar panels boost Afghan heroin industry

AFGHANISTAN -- Cheap solar panels are boosting the poppy crop, enabling water to be pumped from wells to reclaim desert, pushing cultivation close to its highest level since UN monitoring began in 1994.

Iran’s speedboat threat to U.S.

LONDON -- Iran’s asymmetric naval capabilities include submarine-launched anti-ship missiles, over-the-horizon surveillance capabilities using unmanned aerial vehicles, and fast attack craft (FAC) for anti-ship “swarm attacks.”

European elections by numbers

BRUSSELS -- 427 million voters across 28 EU member states go to the polls to elect a new European Parliament in the world’s second-largest democratic exercise after India’s elections.

May 31: Star Wars - Galaxy’s Edge theme park

ENTERTAINMENT -- Disneyland’s new billion dollar Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction is its most immersive to date, requiring a crew of more than 4,000 people to work on the movie saga tie-in for over five years.

Escalating attacks raise risk on Saudi oil supply

MIDEAST -- Tensions over threats to oil flows from the Middle East are escalating after an attack by armed drones on Saudi Arabia’s main oil transport pipeline to the Red Sea. On Sunday four oil tankers were attacked.

Plastic found in deepest-ever sub dive

PACIFIC -- Plastic waste has been found on the seafloor during a record-breaking dive by an American explorer as he descended 10,928 metres to a point in the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench – the deepest place on Earth.

European Parliament voting intention

LONDON -- Britain’s new Brexit Party continues to lead in the latest YouGov/Times European Parliament voting intention poll, while the Conservatives have been pushed into fifth place.

How Donald Trump lost $1 billion in 10 years

BUSINESS -- Donald Trump reported an ever-growing negative-adjusted gross income on his tax returns from 1985-94, enabling him to avoid paying any income tax for eight out of those 10 years.

EU voters support nationalist parties

BRUSSELS -- When Europeans head to the polls this month more than one in 10 voters plan to use their vote in the European Parliament elections to back far-right or right-wing populist parties, according to a YouGov survey.

May 23-26: Guide to European elections

EUROPEAN UNION -- Voters across the EU go to the polls on May 23-26 to elect more than 700 members of the European Parliament, with euroskeptic parties expected to send more MEPs to the European legislature.

Trump escalates U.S.-China trade war

WASHINGTON -- President Trump escalated his trade war with China, hiking tariffs to 25% on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. The increase extends 25% duties to $250bn of Chinese imports.

Who are Iran’s Revolutionary Guards?

WASHINGTON -- The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is Iran’s most potent security, military, political and economic organization, responsible for the protection and survival of the regime.

Turkey election re-run angers opposition

ISTANBUL -- Turkey’s election board cancelled the results of Istanbul’s mayoral election and ordered a rerun of the race, raising the prospect of renewed political and economic turmoil over the nation’s democratic principles.

IS leader al-Baghdadi resurfaces

MIDEAST -- A first video appearance in five years by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of Islamic State and the world’s most wanted man, has ended speculation that he was killed some years ago.

Al Qaeda and IS seek control of the Sahel

SAHEL -- Feeding off rampant poverty, corruption and the inefficiency of local militaries in securing borders, Al Qaeda and so-called Islamic State (IS) are gaining strength across the Sahel and Sahara.

Measles outbreak hits 25-year high in U.S.

NEW YORK -- The measles outbreak continues to spread in the United States, with cases surpassing the highest number on record since public health officials declared the disease eradicated nationwide in 2000.

Automation will change our careers forever

LONDON -- Artificial intelligence, robotics and globalisation are rapidly changing the workplace, opening up new markets and increasing productivity. But young, low-skilled, part-time workers face being left behind.

Bad sense of smell predicts early death

HEALTH -- A simple scratch-and-sniff test can detect a poor sense of smell in older adults and predict the likelihood of dying in the next ten years, but the reasons for this aren’t entirely clear.

May 26: First stage of Sydney Metro opens

SYDNEY -- Sydney Metro Northwest is scheduled to open in May. It comprises the first stage of the Sydney Metro development, which will see the introduction of Australia’s first fully automated passenger line.

Van Gogh's possible suicide weapon up for auction

PARIS -- The art world's most famous weapon, a 7mm pocket revolver believed to have been used by Vincent van Gogh to take his own life in 1890, is to go under the hammer at an auction in Paris on June 19.


May 26-Jun 9: No final set tie-breaks at Roland Garros

TENNIS -- Roland Garros, the second Grand Slam tournament of the season, has decided against the introduction of tie-breaks in the final set, so unlike the Australian Open marathon matches may still feature at the tournament.

May 24-26: Monaco GP, F1 blue riband race

F1 -- Mercedes will be aiming for another one-two at the Monaco Grand Prix, their fifth of the season, and could match Ferrari’s record of six, as they bid to become Formula One’s first invincible team.

May 30-Jul 14: Who’s who at the Cricket World Cup

CRICKET -- Ten teams are competing to be crowned World Champions at the ICC Cricket World Cup in England and Wales, with England, currently the top-ranked One Day International team, seeking their first World Cup title on home soil.

Ball tampering - the seamy side of cricket

CRICKET -- By keeping one side of a cricket ball shiny and smooth, bowlers can swing the ball in the air. After 60-70 overs the surface of the ball becomes unevenly battered, and reverse swing becomes possible.

May 30-Jul 14: Lord’s - centuries in the making

CRICKET -- England and Wales host the ICC Cricket World Cup. Lord’s Cricket Ground in London will host the final on July 14. Affectionately known as “The Home of Cricket”, Lord’s has occupied a special place at the heart of the game for over 230 years.

Jun 7-Jul 7: FIFA Women’s World Cup winners

SOCCER -- Since the first FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1991, four different national teams have claimed the trophy. The Americans have their sights set on a record-extending fourth victory after vanquishing Japan in the 2015 final.

May 11-Jun 2: Giro d’Italia - first Grand Tour

CYCLING -- The 2019 Giro d’Italia features three individual time trials and seven summit finishes in a balanced but testing route which ramps up into a brutal second half raced almost entirely uphill.

Jun 5-9: UEFA Nations League Finals 2019

SOCCER -- Portugal will host the inaugural Finals, with the hosts taking on Switzerland in on June 5, and Netherlands clashing with England the following day. The Estadio do Dragao, in Porto, will host the Nations League final on June 9.

Jun 1: UEFA Champions League Final

SOCCER -- Premier League rivals Tottenham and Liverpool meet in an all-English final at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid on June 1, after both dramatically sealed their places in semi-final comeback victories.

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