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Dec 12: How Britain’s election process works

POLITICS -- British voters are heading to the polls for the third time in less than four years after lawmakers backed Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s call for a snap election just two weeks before Christmas.

Dec 12: UK election -- battleground constituencies

POLITICS -- British political parties will try to win the constituencies which had the smallest majorities in the 2017 election. Here are the top 34 most marginal seats around the UK which parties will target in a snap poll on December 12.

Shinzo Abe – Japan’s longest-serving PM

POLITICS -- Shinzo Abe surpasses Katsura Tarō as the longest-serving prime minister in the history of Japan’s constitutional government. Abe entered the lower house of the Diet (parliament) in 1993.

South Korea, U.S. fail to agree cost-sharing

MILITARY -- Cost-sharing talks between the U.S. and South Korea have broken down over President Donald Trump’s demands for $5 billion for hosting U.S. troops, raising questions about the stability of the alliances.

UK election to decide Brexit future

POLITICS -- With the UK deeply divided over Brexit, how people voted in the 2016 referendum is key to which party they will support in the snap election called by Boris Johnson. The British public will head to the polls on December 12.

Google launches game-changer

TECH -- Tech giant Google is launching gaming service Stadia on Tuesday, which allows gamers to jump into the latest titles with little more than a decent broadband connection and a Google Chrome browser.

Leaders struggle to explain worldwide unrest

POLITICS -- Large-scale anti-government demonstrations, triggered by economic discontent, corruption and alleged electoral fraud, are taking place on every continent. The street has become the only way to exercise “people power.”

Pope Francis makes his fourth visit to Asia

RELIGION -- Pope Francis makes his fourth visit to Asia and is expected to speak out against poverty and human trafficking during the Thai visit, and reiterate his opposition to nuclear weapons in Japan.

Greta Thunberg sailing back to Europe

CLIMATE CHANGE -- Climate activist Greta Thunberg set off from Virginia to sail across the Atlantic for the second time in a few months after a change in venue for international climate negotiations from Chile to Spain.

U.S., South Korea defence cost-sharing talks

MILITARY -- President Trump’s demand that Seoul pays up to $5 billion for stationing 28,500 U.S. troops as deterrence against North Korea has been greeted with cries of “highway robbery” by “greedy” Americans.

Jimmy Carter recovering after surgery

FACTFILE -- Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is recovering after undergoing surgery to relieve brain pressure from bleeding caused by recent falls. Carter celebrated his 95th birthday on Oct 1.

Venice flooded by highest tide in 50 years

WEATHER -- Venice’s mayor called the city a disaster zone after the second highest tide ever recorded swept through it overnight, flooding its historic basilica and leaving many squares and alleyways under water.

U.S. wealth tax plan threatens ultrarich

BUSINESS -- The debate over whether the U.S. should impose a federal tax on wealth has gripped U.S. politics after Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren tabled the plan as one of the pillars of her campaign.

Streaming services throw cash at content

ENTERTAINMENT -- Streaming services Disney, Apple, HBO and Hulu are are spending tens of billions of dollars on original content to take on Netflix, but not all the new services are likely to survive.

Bloodhound supersonic car ramps up its speed

SCIENCE -- The British-built Bloodhound LSR supersonic car has reached its highest speed yet of 501mph (806km/h) in a test run across Hakskeen Pan in South Africa. The speed was recorded on Nov 6.

Poor air cuts lives short by 7 years in India

INDIA -- As smog chokes New Delhi, a new study shows that air pollution can cut life expectancy by up to seven years in the Indo-Gangetic plain region, home to about 40 per cent of India’s population

Europe’s €1 trillion “Green Deal”

ENVIRONMENT -- The European Commission’s incoming President, Ursula von der Leyen, is planning to present “European Green Deal” legislation -- to enshrine climate neutrality in EU law -- at the next EU summit.

New blood enters online streaming battlefield

ENTERTAINMENT -- Video streaming services Apple TV+ and Disney+ are launching new products in direct competition with established players Netflix and Amazon. They will be competing with six other services, including Netflix.

Carlsberg’s cardboard beer bottle

ENVIRONMENT -- Brewing giant Carlsberg is working with Danish start-up Paboco to design a paper-based beer bottle that can be pulped and recycled after use, or decompose harmlessly in the environment if left as litter.

Where do the main UK parties stand on Brexit?

POLITICS -- Britons head to the polls in a December election to help break the Brexit deadlock, with each of the major parties taking a different stance on how, when and whether the UK should leave the European Union.

Last installment of the Star Wars Saga

ENTERTAINMENT -- The final episode of the current Star Wars trilogy hits cinemas in December -- bringing to a close nine epic space operas, spanning over 40 years of historic science fiction filmmaking.

Threat of Russia’s melting permafrost

ENVIRONMENT -- As the Arctic, including much of Siberia, warms twice as fast as the rest of the world, the permafrost -- permanently frozen ground -- is thawing, putting cities, oil pipelines and other infrastructure at risk.


Nov 23: Copa Libertadores final clash

SOCCER -- Brazil’s Flamengo and Argentina’s River Plate meet in the final of the 2019 Copa Libertadores in Lima, Peru. South America’s club champions will be decided in a single leg at a pre-selected venue for the first time.

Nov 22: Formula E charging up for season start

FORMULA E -- The all-electric Formula E 2019-20 championship gets underway in the ancient surroundings of Ad Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, where champion Jean-Eric Vergne came in second last year.

Nov 14-19: UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying day 9-10

SOCCER -- The fifth round of qualifying matches for the UEFA Euro 2020 European Championships will be played in 12 cities across Europe, featuring 25 matches across 10 different groups.

Nov 12: European Rugby Champions Cup

RUGBY -- The new European Rugby Heineken Champions Cup season kicks off, with elite teams from England’s Aviva Premiership, France’s Top14 and the Pro12 – contested by Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Italy – all competing to be crowned European champions.

Nov 18-24: New Finals format for Davis Cup

TENNIS -- Madrid hosts the first edition of the revamped Davis Cup Finals. The premier international men’s team event, played since 1900, replaces its traditional format with a World Cup-style event.

Tour de France 2020 route announced

CYCLING -- The 2020 Tour de France starts in the south and takes in all five of the country’s mountain ranges, three of which, the Alps, Massif Central and Pyrenees, are tackled in the first eight days.

Nov 23-25: English Premier League

SOCCER -- Crystal Palace host runaway leaders Liverpool, Manchester City face another tough match against Chelsea, Leicester City travel to the south coast to face Brighton and high-flying Sheffield Utd face Manchester Utd.

Mar 12-Jul 24, 2020: Olympic Torch Relay

TOKYO 2020 -- After being lit in Olympia, Greece, the Olympic torch will travel to Athens on March 19 and begin its tour of Japan from March 26 to July 24, whereupon it will arrive at Tokyo’s New National Stadium, ready for the opening ceremony.

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