• POLITICS: Canada election result 2019 (Graphic)
  • ENVIRONMENT: Russia’s melting permafrost (Graphic DUE Oct 22, 14:00GMT)
  • EGYPT: Challenges ahead for Suez Canal on 150th anniversary (Graphic DUE Oct 22, 16:00GMT)
  • SOCCER: Europa League Day 3, Thursday Oct 24 (Graphic DUE Oct 22, 17:00GMT)
  • RUGBY: Rugby World Cup 2019 semi-final preview: XX v XX (Graphic DUE Oct 22, 17:00GMT)
  • RUGBY: Rugby World Cup 2019 semi-final preview: XX v XX (Graphic DUE Oct 22, 17:00GMT)
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Rugby World Cup 2019

Trudeau retains power but loses majority

POLITICS -- Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party will remain in power in Canada but a narrow election win of 156 out of 338 seats, 14 short of a majority, means he will have to head a minority government.

Kurdish forces withdraw from Turkey-Syria border

MILITARY -- A senior Kurdish official says his forces are complying with a U.S.-brokered ceasefire and are completing the withdrawal of forces from along a section of the shared border with Turkey.

Oct 24: Spain’s Franco to be exhumed -- print

POLITICS -- The remains of Spain’s fascist dictator General Francisco Franco will be exhumed and reburied on October 24. His remains will be relocated to the Mingorrubio state cemetery in El Pardo.

Oct 24: Spain’s Franco to be exhumed -- web

POLITICS -- Franco was buried in a mausoleum called the Valley of the Fallen, northwest of Madrid, in 1975. In September, Spain’s Supreme Court ruled that the dictator could be exhumed.

Chile president extends state of emergency

POLITICS -- Eight people have died as civil unrest sparked by a subway fare hike widened to reflect anger over high living costs and inequality in one of Latin America’s wealthiest countries.

Oct 21: Canada’s tightly-contested election

POLITICS -- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ruling Liberal party is tied in national opinion polls with Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party ahead of a federal election on October 21.

Oct 21: Landmark opioid trial against big pharma

HEALTH -- The largest civil trial in American history will start in Cleveland, Ohio, to determine responsibility for an opioid epidemic which has led to almost 400,000 deaths over the past 19 years.

Russia moves to fill U.S. void in northern Syria

MILITARY -- Russia said it was working to prevent a conflict between advancing Turkish and Syrian government forces on Wednesday, as Turkey’s president defied growing pressure for a cease-fire in northern Syria.

EU looks to stop arms sales to Turkey

MILITARY -- A number of European nations, including the UK, have imposed limits on arms exports to Ankara in protest at Turkey’s offensive in northern Syria -- a rare move against a NATO ally

Fallout from Trump’s Syria reversal

MILITARY -- President Trump’s reliance on his gut instincts to abandon U.S.-backed Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces in Syria has created a power vacuum, embolding Russia, Iran and Islamic State.

China’s “grey rhino” debt-fuelled economy

BUSINESS -- China has been financing its rapid economic growth with growing debt. Since 2001 China’s debt pile has more than doubled to over 300% of GDP as Beijing boosts infrastructure spending.

Singapore showcases electric air taxi station

TECH -- The world’s first “vertiport” for electric aircraft is being built in Singapore’s Marina Bay, as part of the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress. Skyports will demonstrate a Volocopter vertical take-off and landing station in October.

Roman scrolls to be “virtually unwrapped”

SCIENCE -- Scientists are using light 10 billion times brighter than the sun to help decipher scrolls, turned to brittle charcoal and buried when Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD79, obliterating Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Oct 24: Leonardo da Vinci -- print version

ART -- A year-long exhibition of the work of Leonardo da Vinci opens at the Louvre on October 24, five months after the 500th anniversary of the death of the famed painter, scientist, engineer and inventor.

Oct 24: Leonardo da Vinci -- web version

ART -- The lag reflects the diplomatic tussle between France, where he died, and Italy, where he was born, over which country had the most right to lead the year-long exhibition of events to mark his passing.

Oct 22: Russia influence in Africa summit

POLITICS -- Russia is steadily building its influence across Africa, increasing arms sales, deploying military instructors and securing alliances. Russia will host its first-ever pan-African summit in the city of Sochi on October 22.


Oct 22: Nationals face Astros in Fall Classic

BASEBALL -- The 115th edition of Major League Baseball’s World Series gets underway, a best-of-seven playoff between the Houston Astros - bidding to end their World Series drought - and the Washington Nationals.

Oct 25-27: F1 Mexican Grand Prix

F1 -- Red Bull’s Max Verstappen will be aiming for a hat-trick of wins at the Mexico City circuit, having been victorious in each of the last two years making him the most successful driver there since Mexico rejoined the F1 calendar.

Oct 19-20: Rugby World Cup quarter-finals

RUGBY -- England and Australia clash at the Oita Stadium, New Zealand - undefeated in the World Cup since 2007- take on Ireland, Wales face France, and Japan meet South Africa for a repeat of their famous 2015 World Cup victory.

Tour de France 2020 route announced

CYCLING -- The 2020 Tour de France starts in the south and takes in all five of the country’s mountain ranges, three of which, the Alps, Massif Central and Pyrenees, are tackled in the first eight days.

Ronaldo joins exclusive 700-club

SOCCER -- Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo became only the sixth player to score 700 career goals when he netted a penalty in Portugal’s Euro 2020 qualifier against Ukraine.

Oct 20: Japan MotoGP at Motegi Twin Ring Circuit

MOTOGP -- With a record eighth MotoGP Championship in the bag, Honda Repsol’s Marc Marquez will be aiming just to finish on the podium in Japan, having fallen short each time at the race following his previous titles wins.

Liverpool chase record for longest winning streak

SOCCER -- After a flawless start to the season, Liverpool aim to extend their winning streak against struggling rivals Manchester United, just three victories from eclipsing Bayern Munich’s 19 match European record.

Mar 12-Jul 24, 2020: Olympic Torch Relay

TOKYO 2020 -- After being lit in Olympia, Greece, the Olympic torch will travel to Athens on March 19 and begin its tour of Japan from March 26 to July 24, whereupon it will arrive at Tokyo’s New National Stadium, ready for the opening ceremony.

Sep 20-Nov 2: Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan

RUGBY -- The Rugby World Cup takes place in Japan, with 20 teams competing to be crowned World Champions. A total of 48 matches will be played at 12 venues over six weeks, culminating in the final at Nissan Stadium in Yokohama.

Oct 26: Alpine Skiing World Cup 2019-20

SKIING -- The premier international circuit of alpine skiing competitions, taking place at more than 30 venues in 12 countries, begins in Soelden, Austria, and concludes in March at the World Cup finals in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy.

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