Paris mayor plans to pedestrianise city centre

PARIS -- The mayor of Paris wants to pedestrianise the historic centre of the French capital. The project would see traffic heavily restricted in Paris’s first four arrondissements, or districts, and electric shuttles installed.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo first wants to expand a car-free scheme known as “Paris respire” which sees certain districts pedestrianised on the first Sunday of each month.

Brexit crisis triggers no-confidence move

LONDON -- At least 20 MPs have admitted to sending letters of no-confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May to Sir Graham Brady, the Tory backbench chief. A total of 48 letters must be sent to trigger such a vote.

Giant crater found below Greenland’s ice sheet

HIAWATHA -- A city-sized meteorite impact crater dated to around 11,700 years ago has been discovered beneath the Greenland ice sheet. If confirmed, it will be the first ever located below a continental ice sheet.

UK resignations create Brexit chaos

LONDON -- Five British Cabinet ministers including Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and Esther McVey have resigned after a stormy five-hour Cabinet meeting backed a Brussels draft Brexit agreement on Wednesday night.

Pilots not told of MAX design change

SEATTLE -- Investigators into the crash of a Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX which killed 189 people in Indonesia have determined that the Angle of Attack (AOA) sensor was feeding bad data to the jet’s flight computer.

Sharp rise in U.S. hate crimes for third year

WASHINGTON -- Reported hate crimes in the U.S. rose by 17% in 2017, the third straight year that such incidents increased, according to FBI data. Law enforcement agencies reported 7,175 hate crimes last year compared with 6,121 in 2016.

Hidden North Korean missile bases revealed

NORTH KOREA -- U.S. analysts say they have identified between 13 and 20 undeclared facilities inside North Korea to hide mobile, nuclear-capable missiles, despite agreements from Pyongyang to denuclearise.

El Chapo trial opens under extreme security

NEW YORK -- Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán goes on trial in New York City on Tuesday. Guzman rose from being a teenage marijuana grower to earn nearly $14 billion during his years as boss of the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Global boost to LNG production

LONDON -- The United States will join Qatar and Australia to become the world’s third largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by the early 2020s, as developing nations turn to clean, affordable natural gas to generate electricity.

Iraq and Kurds near deal to restart Kirkuk oil exports

IRAQ -- Iraq is close to a deal to restart oil exports from the disputed Kirkuk region after U.S. sanctions hit Iranian crude exports. The agreement could add up to 400,000 of barrels of oil a day to international supplies.

Submarine to visit deepest parts of ocean

SCIENCE -- For the first time, humans will visit the deepest part of each of the five oceans, plunging to the sea floor using a two-person craft designed to withstand the intense pressures more than 10km below the surface.

Wildfires deadliest on record in California

PARADISE, Calif -- The death toll from wildfires raging in California has risen to 31, with more than 220 people unaccounted for as crews stepped up the search for bodies and missing people. Two people were killed in a wildfire in Southern California.

U.S. Iran oil sanction waivers

WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration has granted a 180-day waiver to Iran’s eight biggest oil buyers, allowing them to keep buying oil at reduced rates. The threat of sanctions has reduced Iran’s exports by some 47 per cent since April.

Fighting rages around Yemen’s Hodeida airport

HODEIDA -- Violence in Yemen’s key port city of Hodeida is at its worst in months, the United Nations has warned, as a leader of the Houthi rebels vowed that his side would carry on fighting despite U.S. calls for a ceasefire.

Venezuelan migrant exodus reaches 3 million

UNITED NATIONS -- The number of refugees and migrants fleeing the economic and political crisis in Venezuela has risen to three million worldwide, according to the United Nations. The figure amounts to around one in 12 of the population.

White House departures -- Sessions “resigns”

WASHINGTON -- U.S. President Donald Trump has fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the latest White House departure since January 2017. On average the Trump White House has seen a high-level departure every 22 days.

Bill Gates wants to reinvent the toilet

BEIJING -- Bill Gates has been showcasing new approaches for sterilising human waste at the Reinvented Toilet Expo in Beijing. One approach favoured is Caltech’s self-contained, domestic toilet and wastewater treatment system.

Giant pink diamond sells for $50 million

GENEVA -- An incredibly rare pink diamond weighing in at almost 19 carats sold for a record-breaking $50 million in just five minutes of bidding on Tuesday at Christie's auction house in Geneva.

China builds permanent airfield in Antarctic

ANTARCTICA -- China is building a permanent airfield in Antarctica as a global scramble over the world’s polar regions intensifies. At the moment, China has only one fixed-wing plane that can fly to the polar regions.

U.S. exempts some from Iran oil sanctions

WASHINGTON -- The United States re-introduced sanctions against Iranian oil exports on Monday, although it also gave some of its closest allies exemptions that will allow Tehran’s biggest customers, mostly in Asia, to still buy crude for now.

Nov 14: Five countries hold last wilderness

SHARM EL-SHEIKH -- Delegations meet at Sharm el-Sheikh to follow up on 2011-2020 biodiversity targets. The world’s last wilderness areas are rapidly disappearing, with explicit international conservation targets critically needed.

ABBA’s virtual reunion show

ENTERTAINMENT -- Holographic virtual avatars representing Swedish pop legends ABBA – dubbed “Abbatars” – are to be revealed in a global TV special in December, to be followed by a world tour in 2019-20.

Apollo moon missions’ 50th anniversary

SPACE -- The Apollo programme began 50 years ago with the first manned Apollo space flight which laid the groundwork for the missions that saw a dozen men land on the moon between 1969 and 1972.


Nov 24: Copa Libertadores Final 2nd leg

SOCCER -- Fierce Argentinian rivals Boca Juniors and River Plate meet for the second leg in Buenos Aires. The first leg ended with honours even at Boca’s home stadium, after River Plate equalised twice in a pulsating 2-2 draw.

Nov 15-20: UEFA Nations League tournament

SOCCER -- The inaugural UEFA Nations League tournament gets underway, with 2018 World Cup winners France kicking off the competition against Germany. Each matchday features 23 matches across four different leagues over three days.

Nov 11-18: Top eight face off in ATP Finals

TENNIS -- The world’s top eight-ranked players over the year meet for the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London, with Novak Djokovic guaranteed to become World No.1 following the withdrawal of Rafael Nadal.

Nov 22: PGA European Tour 2019 starts

GOLF -- The PGA European Tour gets underway with the Honma Hong Kong Open, the first of 49 tournaments in 31 countries -- spanning the five continents and culminating in the $8 million DP World Tour Championship in Dubai.

Nov 23-25: F1 season finale at Yas Marina

F1 -- The F1 season comes to a close at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with the battle for third-place in the Drivers’ Championship down to a fight between Kimi Räikkönen, Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen.

Jul 6-28, 2019: Tour de France route

CYCLING -- The 2019 Tour features 30 categorised climbs andf ive mountain finishes in what organisers promise will be “the highest Tour in history”, designed to encourage breakaways and attacks.

Nov 24-26 English Premier League season

SOCCER -- A top-of-the-table London derby sees Chelsea host Tottenham, with the winner making up vital ground on leader Manchester City, who take on West Ham, and Liverpool, who face Watford.

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